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Each Tour is unique from terrain to length. MIles average about 65 miles but the elevation gain varies tremendously. There are exceptions like the Sierra Challenge but most tours are accessible for the average rider. We welcome all abilities with the understanding that sometimes the SAG van will need to utilized to make sure as many riders are supported. As everyone soon realizes these trips are more about the time spent off the saddle than in. 


These adventures are about so much more than the rides. We take the time to visit local establishments, especially breweries, wineries, and eateries. Taking part in the local environment and supporting those businesses that create the unique vibe is essential. Stop and stop often to enjoy yourself. Don't be surprised if we enjoy some hikes and other adventures off the bike.


One of the distinctive components of biking is you see things that other forms of travel can miss. The efficiency allows for greater distants but the openness can give a chance to connect with the land. These tours offer so much in landscapes and roads that leave wanting more. From start to finish the outdoor experience is essential element. And even off the bike you can find more chances to connect. Lake and river swimming, beach strolls, hot springs and more. 


Above every experience of these adventures the one element that depends on the participants is the friendships and stories that last long after the tour is over. The campfire is a symbol of everyone coming together to share their life and future with new and old friends. Make no mistake, what you get out of these tours has more to do with how you interact with the rest of the participants. The main reason these adventures are mostly camping (or communal housing) is that we all help each other out before and after the ride. From the food to the setting up and breaking down camp, this is part of making memories. 


All the above philosophy is based of Mark's long held personal beliefs. After decades of cycling, from racing to mtb to touring and anything you can do on 2 wheels, he has found that cycling can be a catalyst to foster stronger communities. As founder of the Inland Empire Biking Alliance along with supporting many other cycling organizations, he decided that one of the greatest assets of biking is the adventures it opens to nearly anyone. One aspect he has reservations about is how much of the American cycling landscape is dominated by the older, rich male demographic. He transformed his tours to be obtainable to all. No matter age, ability or financial level, he believes the more adventures folks can have on two wheels, the more likely they keep the fire burning. 

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