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These tours run as a co op. Though most of the planning and logistics are taken care of, everyone is expected to contribute. This runs similar to a non profit in the true sense, there is no profit. The leader and help are along for the ride and if there is any compensation, it's in the form of a gratuity. 

As in the biking community, there is a gentlemen's agreement that we all assume the risk of the sport along with the traveling to enjoy it. 


Though each tour is unique, for the most part the following is included: breakfast and dinner, accommodations (in most cases the night before start, hotel/camp), transportation of bike and bags from Redlands/Stamford to start and return, SAG van, snacks during ride, route slips and rider packet, basic mechanical needs and support staff. 

NOT INCLUDED: transportation to start (though van might be able to do airport pick ups), any train transfers, lunch, alcohol (riders buy there own), shipping costs of bike, flight, personal camping equipment (though there is some available from us, inquire)


For tours starting from CA you can drop your bike off in Redlands prior to departure. You may ship your bike to Redlands too if traveling from outside SoCal. Flying with your bike is an option though we will have to make accommodations for your bike box. For East Coast trips you can ship your bike to the Stamford, CT where staff will assemble and transport to start. They will also repack at end of tour and reshop at your cost. The best option is to rent a bike in NY/CT from a recommended shop that staff can pick up from.
 You are more than welcomed to bring any type of bike you feel comfortable on, just be aware of the route and possible conditions. For most of the tours, we will be riding mainly on paved surfaces but on occasion we will have some dirt/gravel. You are always welcomed to skip these with a ride in the van. Make sure your bike is in good working condition and tires are up for the task, we recommend at least 25c tires. We do provide a mechanic but parts are limited.


There is always a list of personal items included in the rider packet for each tour. It will include clothing (on and off the bike), camping equipment, personal items and more. What we ask is not to bring certain items like tools, chairs and cooking equipment. We provide a complete tools kit with tires, tubes, lubes. pumps, rags and more. We also set up full charging stations for your electronics. 
Space is limited so we ask that you limit the size of your bag to a 15"x15"x 36" bag (size varies) plus your sleeping bag/tent. Learn to do with less.


No matter of your ability or age or type of rider, all are welcomed on these tours. Even if you just want to ride a little bit, you are welcomed to enjoy the ride in the van. Do part days or do more. We do ask that everyone be considerate and understanding. If you are falling way behind, jump a bit ahead. If you are really fast and ahead turn around and get a few more miles. If you get too far ahead, don't expect to see the SAG vehicle often. There is generally just one and needs to serve the rear of the group too.

Best way to get the most out of the ride is to do it with others. So make a point to spend some of the ride getting to know each other.

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